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Ramos Enters Guilty Plea To Murder Charge

Charli Rey Ramos, 21, pleaded guilty to murder in front of Superior Court Judge Terry N. Massey on Monday, May 9th, for the death of Anthony “AJ” Haszleton, Jr. Haszleton, a 16 year old, was reported missing in DeKalb County in April of 2020. An investigation by the DeKalb County Police Department led to Ramos, who stated that he and Haszleton went to Greene County (where Ramos grew up) to burglarize a residence. Cell phone records showed that while both came to Greene County, only Ramos came back, contradicting his statement to police that he dropped Haszleton off back in Decatur.

In October of that year, Bill Sisson came across what appeared to be human bones in a clandestine grave on his property, which is adjacent to the property on which Ramos’s family lives. GBI crime scene analysts reviewed the scene and gathered the remains. DNA testing confirmed that the remains belonged to Haszleton, though because of the advanced state of decomposition, a cause of death was unable to be determined.

Before he was sentenced, Ramos gave a short prepared statement, asking Haszleton’s family for forgiveness for his actions. Haszleton’s sister, Rajai, spoke to the court and told Judge Massey that her brother was a good person who had gotten mixed in with the wrong crowd and was betrayed by someone he trusted.

Judge Massey sentenced Ramos to life in prison. He will be eligible for parole in 2050.


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