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Markey Bolston Sentenced to 45 Years following contested hearing and Jury trial.

A Baldwin County Jury has convicted Markey Bolston on the charges of Aggravated Assault, Obsruction of an Officer and Removal of a Weapon from a Law Enforcement Officer. Markey Bolston was charged in a March 14, 2020 incident where he fought with law enforcement officers and removed a taser from one officer tasing another. Bolston was adjudicated guilty on a first offender sentence probation violation and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Following his conviction in a jury trial he was sentenced to 20 years consecutive time with five additional years to serve in prison. ADA Tony May prosecuted both the First Offender Adjudication as well as the jury trial. The Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department investigated the case against Bolston. Bolston has additional charges outstanding related to an incident where Jemontaye Solomon was killed on March 14, 2020.


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