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Meet and Greet Luncheon was a Success

Yesterday our office was blessed to be able to host our first Meet Greet and Ask Resource Luncheon in Wilkinson County. Our office, other community partners, vendors, victims, and some of our law enforcement agencies were able to meet and discuss some important details about Domestic Violence cases throughout our circuit. We are very thankful for each person and community group that was able to attend. We gained new knowledge and fellowshipped with some of our community leaders about important issues that arise in DV cases.

We would like to thank each person that assisted in making this event a success. We would like to offer a special thanks our Victims' Advocate, Merilyn Chatman, who put all this together; We are also thankful for other office staff members that assisted with setting up and prepping for the event. Food was provided by Wilkinson County Sheriff, Richard Chatman.

Together, we will all continue to fight, raise awareness, and offer protection to Domestic Violence victims.


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