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COVID-19 update from the District Attorney's Office

People have inquired about how we are functioning in these times of coronavirus and particularly in light of Governor Kemp's shelter in place order. The short answer is that we are open for business, but like everyone, it looks very different than it did a few short weeks ago.

Following the orders of Chief Judge Prior and Chief Justice Melton, we continue to have court most every day of the working week, but it is dramatically reduced to essential, urgent matters that generally would have someone released from jail.

All of our courthouses and offices have limited access to the public, and we have taken additional steps to reduce our workforce in each office to the bare minimum. Obviously, this is an attempt to diminish the chances for infection or cross contamination, and to comply with the mandates of the Governor's state of emergency orders.

But as I said before, we are open and working. I have been tremendously proud of all of our personnel who have found creative ways to serve the public and protect themselves and their families. Most of us are working from home most days, to the extent that we can. Nonetheless, we are having regular contact with and providing services to law enforcement, lawyers, and members of the public. Everyone in the office can be reached and are very available. Please call your local office and feel free to leave a message. We can also be reached on our website, where there are numbers to call, emails, and a direct messaging service.

Please stay at home as much as possible and take care of yourself. Please check on your friends and neighbors. Pray for those who are ill and grieving, or providing care for them. The daily, heroic efforts made by so many, known and unknown, during this crisis will be a great credit to us all. Let us know if we can help you in these trying times. Stay safe,

Stephen Bradley, District Attorney

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